Pedro Fernandez

Pedro Fernández’s international career began when he was seven years old. His fame rose with his composition of the theme song for the film “La Niña de La Mochila Azul ” (“The Girl with the Blue Knapsack”), in which he also played a starring role.

Born Martin Cuevas Cobo in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico (as every other good singer of rancheras), he adopted a stage name which reflected his admiration both of the legendary Pedro Infante, and of Vicente Fernández who helped him obtain his first record deal. Pedro Fernández is how he is now known both by his audience and his friends.

When other kids his age were busy with toys and candy, Pedrito Fernández spent his childhood giving press conferences, memorizing screenplays, signing autographs, rehearsing lyrics and driving crowds wild at his concerts.

During his teenage years, his repertoire shifted towards romantic pop ballads with such songs as “Coqueta,” “Maniquí,” and “El Perdedor” among many others.

In January of 1995, the single “Mi Forma de Sentir” positioned him as the only solo singer to climb to the top of the pop charts accompanied by a mariachi band. This broke all radio standards at the time, given that stations would play only pop music. His success opened new doors not only for his fellow artists but also for a new generation of music lovers.

As a box office star in Mexico, he has shared the silver screen with such legends as Adalberto Martinez “Resortes”, Mary Cruz Olivier, Joaquin Cordero, Mario Almada and many others who are part of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

Paying homage to Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Pedro also recorded an album which included popular themes by this famous composer such as “Si Nos Dejan” and “Amanecí en Tus Brazos”, to name just a few.

To date, Pedro has recorded 38 albums, appeared in 6 telenovelas and 25 movies and continues to be the darling of audiences in Mexico, the United States, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Spain and all of Latin-America. He has broken all generational barriers by retaining a style that is unique to his great charisma, singing themes which range from pop and ballads to joyful and whimsical with similar success and quality.

From “La Mochila Azul” to “Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe”, and far inbetween with “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero”, “Mi forma de Sentir”, “Vamos a Platicar”, “Quien”, “La Mujer Que Amas”, “Los Hombres No Deben Llorar”, “Deseos y Delirios”, “Fueron Tres Años”, “Laberintos de Pasión”, “Aventurero”, “Yo No Fui”, “¿Cómo Quieres Que te Olvide?”, “Escúchame”, “Me Encantas”, “Amiga Por Favor”, “Dime Mi Amor” and “Que Esto Que lo Otro”, Pedro has stayed both current and close to an audience which has constantly rewarded him with sold out performaces, plus countless gold, platinum and diamond records; he has also been awarded a Latin Grammy.

In April 2009 he recorded“Dime Mi Amor” in Spain and its single “Sana Mi Herida’”, a duet with his friend David Bisbal, reached the top spot on that territory’s charts. As part of the CD’s promotion, the Mexican adventurer, Pedro Fernández, traveled to Spain where he took the stage of the TV show “Operación Triunfo” and sang the duet with Bisbal.

After the success of Dime Mi Amor” Pedro Fernández released “Amarte a la Antigua,” from which the first single “Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe” tells the story of a great love:

“Hasta que el dinero nos separe, haremos realidad este romance, que nació de un accidente y que es más fuerte que la envidia de la gente. Hasta que el dinero nos separe, he de conquistarlo poco a poco, a ese corazón tan fuerte como un roble, tan fuerte como rocas en el mar”.

“Until money tears us apart, we will create this true romance, born by chance and stronger than peoples’ envy. Until money tears us apart, I must conquer that heart little by little, that heart which is as strong as an oak, as strong as the rocks from the sea.”

With his inspiration, the artist tells us the story of a true love: “ I started to write this theme when I was invited to be part of this project. When I read the script, I thought the story was wonderful and different; something fun which people would definitely enjoy.”

“Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe” (“Until Money Tears Us Apart”) is also the telenovela that marked the return of Fernández to Mexican television in a leading role. His co-staring with the beautiful actress Itati Cantoral makes this telenovela one of the favorites of the Mexican public, always staying on top of the ratings.

To celebrate 30 years of his career, the singer of “Me Encantas” performed at three major concerts: one at the Arena Monterrey, another at El Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, and one in Guadalajara at the Auditorio Telmex.

Amarte a la Antigua”, a single from his latest album, has already given him much recognition incorporating not only national awards but also the coveted Latin Grammy which he recently won.