Bus Information

Parking Lots are being designated for buses coming to the Celebration. All Groups are encouraged to consider renting buses for travel to the Guadalupe Celebration. It is the most cost effective way to get to the Coliseum from most distances. It will cost 50.00 per bus to park in Exposition Park.


Bus Lots 2 and 6 in Exposition Park are reserved for buses.

All Lots open at 9 AM. You may access either Lot 2 or 6 based upon the access route you take to the Coliseum. Please see Bus Directions below for more information. Payment is CASH ONLY and will be accepted from each vehicle upon entrance into the lots. There are no opportunities for pre-payment. Either yourself, a bus captain or the bus driver must have the money on hand to pay for each vehicle.

Parking Fee
It will be $50.00 per bus to park in Exposition Park lots 2 and 6. Payment is CASH ONLY and due upon entrance into the lots. Pre-payment is not accepted. Exposition Park can not refund parking payment after your vehicle has paid. AllFees have been set by the State of California and Exposition Park.

Buses DO NOT REQUIRE Bus Access passes as previously stated. Instead please identify your bus by using our Bus Signs. The standard size for this printing is 11.5” x 17”. Please prominently display these signs in the front right-side window of each bus. This will help parking identify you as a Guadalupe Celebration group and aid your group members in getting on the correct bus at the end of the day.


Your route to the Coliseum will determine which Bus Parking Lot you should direct your bus to. If you are traveling off of Interstate 10 from the West, our directions will guide you to Parking Lot 2. If you are travelling from the North, South or East off of Interstate 110 then the directions will lead you to Parking Lot 6

Click Here For Directions

Drop-Off Location

With an expectation of traffic in the streets around the Coliseum we recommend that you plan on parking your bus for the entirety of the event. We are not encouraging groups to drop-off and try to meet their bus after the event. If drop-off is a necessity, the designated drop-off area for buses is:

The corner of 39th and Flower Drive, heading west towards the Coliseum.

There can be no group drop offs on the main streets surrounding the Coliseum (Figueroa, MLK, Vermont & Exposition Blvd.)